When I first built my website in October of 2018, I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew is that I wanted it to be simple and user-friendly, so I took the easy way out. Here we are – my website has been inactive for almost two months as I spend time rebuilding it using WordPress with my incredibly talented and generous developer colleagues.

It’s funny how life can play jokes on you sometimes. I decided to create my own website and all of a sudden I work for a company that specializes in building websites through the WordPress platform, which is completely the opposite of what I chose to use. When I was first deciding I looked up WordPress and how beginners felt about using it to build their websites… man did it look hard. I thought that there was no way I’d ever be able to figure it out. The truth is, the platform is more geared towards those who have at least a little knowledge for developing. However, the benefits of using WordPress far outweigh the time you need to spend looking up the best way to use it.

1. WordPress is reliable.

According to whoishostingthis.com, WordPress was the platform of choice for around 75,000,000 websites around the globe in 2018. These numbers tell you a few different things about the platform itself. Firstly, it tells you that it works. How many times do we look at the number of reviews a restaurant has or the number of stars it’s rated before we decide if we’re interested in going to it. We base so many of our decisions off the opinions of others in this modern-day world. Anything that I come across with over even one million users I feel confident that if it works for that mass amount of people, it can work for me. It also tells you that WordPress is trustworthy. A majority of websites contain sensitive information that they wouldn’t want public for a variety of reasons. You need to be using something that you trust to protect your privacy and allow you to take the correct measures in security.

2. WordPress gives you greater functionality for a fraction of the price.

The reason I initially went with GoDaddy’s Website Builder was that I felt like it gave me a short cut past any sort of programming or developing (which I was then completely incapable of) and it allowed me to just have my website work for me with minimal effort – I only needed a few clicks to create a whole website, just like it was advertised. However, website builders like this one don’t allow for me to get creative in the vision I’m trying to build. I don’t have the option to create what I’m looking for if I can’t find it within my options. WordPress has plugins – which is a host of pre-written programs that can give you a variety of functionality, from inserting the perfect photo gallery to show off your photos, to creating an interactive map of places you’ve traveled, you can find a plugin to suit all of your needs. Plugins can cut out a lot of the need for the third party help (ie developers and programmers), however, installation and learning how to effectively use them can take some research and tutorial watching. But having this option is something that a lot of other website builders don’t provide for their users and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

3. WordPress is easy and inexpensive to maintain.

One of the largest issues my clients have is that they don’t understand their websites require ongoing maintenance. We go to begin work with them and it’s almost that they think we’re ripping them off or trying to be sneaky when we tell them that we can’t get to their requested work until we take care of the issues on the back-end of the website. To be fair I never realized myself until I started working in the IT field. You don’t just publish a website and it magically takes care of itself. Either you’re paying someone to keep it up for you (most people don’t) or you’re letting your website turn to crap without even realizing it. The other option you have is to do it yourself. There are so many things about WordPress that initially seem intimidating and turn out to be ridiculously easy and this is one of them. Of course, sometimes there are complications but WordPress support is around to help answer any questions. WordPress was built by a dedicated community of professionals – from web developers to IT consultants – there are thousands of enthusiasts that can help you out with any questions you have.

I could go on with at least another 10 reasons I think WordPress is fantastic, but at this point in time you’re either bored, confused, or interested in learning more. If any of you readers have decided that you’d like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the pros and cons! I’m not just an enthusiast, this is my full-time professional job. I may not be an expert in anything that you ask but I know I have access to other resources of my colleagues who are.