Quarantine15 was NOT going to catch me. Not this year, not after the 8 months of consistent working out I’ve done in order to lose the weight I gained in the first half year I moved back abroad. When the gyms in my city closed from COVID19 I won’t lie, I was a bit stressed. At home workout are really easy for me when I’m fit but really hard to be motivated and consistent when I have a little extra weight on me and I’m not ‘feeling myself’.

My best friend recommended me a workout app that she had found a lot of success in and while I was quite skeptical at first (because of the amount of work out apps I’ve tried), it is without a doubt the BEST work out application that I have ever used or seen. The best part about it? It is ALL free. You have access to all the workouts that are categorized by things like: arms, abs, butt, beginner, no jumping, cardio, back, stretches, etc. You have access to a calendar that tracks your workouts as well as a place to track your progress with your weight too. It says it has ads but I’ve had maybe 1 advertisement that I can think of while using this app? I mean it’s nothing near an advertisement hub like YouTube or most free apps.

After sharing with 4-5 different girlfriends who also fell in love with it, I thought why not share it here for any of you readers!


Here is what the creators have to say about why their app works:


WHY Workout App for Weight Loss | Fitness for Women

* Short and effective workouts that will make you sweat.
* Scientifically proven to improve health with just a seven minute workout a day.
* Burn belly fat and lose weight in just 30 days.
* Beginner friendly workouts that are easy. Work out at home or at the gym.
* No gym or workout equipment needed home work outs.
* Personal trainer and tracker in your pocket with voice and video instructions.
* 100% Free. No hidden and surprise charges!
* Full body work out that targets all the important parts: butt, glutes, abs, core, legs, arms, belly fat, booty, back, fat loss, weight loss, bbg, thigh gap.
* Perfect complement to your other fitness & health apps: meditation, yoga, sleep, calm, relax, meditate, period tracker.
* The only workout app that is specifically tailored for women, ladies & girls of all ages.

Our free female fitness women home workouts are hand crafted to be quick and effective. Choose from abs workout, butt workout, hiit weight loss work out. Each has a different focus and different effect.


Bottom line is that if you’re like me and struggle with working out at home, but also don’t want to waste time going to the gym OR just paying for a gym OR maybe you aren’t comfortable being in a gym yet! This application will seriously change the way you view working out.

It also has a convenient place where you can ‘heart’ and in turn, favorite, the workouts that you most enjoy! It adds them to the “My Favs” section and gives you easy access to all the best. A few of my favorites are:

  • HIIT 15: this one will give you a GOOD sweat even though when you review the exerciser prior it seems like ‘oh that isn’t too bad’. At the end of this workout I feel like laying down and doing nothing.
  • HIIT 10: I do this one if I’m feeling a little less motivated that day. It’s still a great sweat but I don’t feel just done by the end lol.
  • 10M ABS: A really nice burn if done properly. I suggest watching their in app tutorials for the exercise if you haven’t done one before so that you can really make sure you’re doing it right.
  • 7M ABS: Similar to the HIIT 10, I prefer this abs to still get a work out in that doesn’t push me quite as hard.
  • CORE TRAINER: A really nice 12 minute workout that focuses on your core and butt, but also has a bit of arm in there so I feel like it’s a good ‘all around’ workout.
  • 7M COMPLETE: As it states, it’s complete, so you cover full body and while 7 minutes may seem do-able, don’t underestimate the difficulty!


IT’S FREE, so why not give it a shot!


Link for iPhone users

Link for Android users


Another new thing I’ve recently incorporated into my routine is intermittent fasting! While I initially thought it meant eating less, after some research and listening to professionals on podcasts, I came to find out that the concept of it is simply eating within a certain time frame every day. I always thought that fasting was going without food for an over extended period of time, but really, it’s completely do-able.¬†Another common misconception is that liquids don’t count during the fasting hours, but actually they do! You can drink water around the clock but coffee, juice, milk, all of those are only allowed during the 8 hour time period that you’re permitted to eat.

There are a few different types of fasting. 16:8 is the most common, meaning you fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours in a given day. That’s what I have chosen to do and have been doing for about three weeks now.

I’ll be honest this isn’t my first time doing intermittent fasting. I actually did it from January to February of this year and I was using a popular free app to help called, Zero. Truthfully, I think that’s part of the reason I fell off. I really felt like it was a lot of pressure and since we’re all our own worst critics, I just felt really disappointed in myself if I messed up one day or ate a midnight snack one night. It wasn’t being incorporated into my life in a healthy way and so I stopped it until I started again in May.

I decided to do a two week comparison with my usual work outs and intermittent fasting and to be real with you I didn’t see that much of a difference. These photos are taken in the same clothes, the same time of day, and I tried the same positioning! You’ll maybe think I look more ‘defined and toned’ and maybe I do but also maybe it’s just shadowing in the photo I really don’t know. I’ve seen other people’s photos with two weeks and massive differences so I feel like theirs are either photo shopped, we are at different places in our health journey, or simply our body types just handled it differently!

Overall though I do feel better. I don’t feel as dependent on food and I am falling asleep way better and waking up with more energy. I’m generally feeling less sluggish is the best way to put it! Although I’m not trying to stick to it purposefully anymore, it’s really become a habit for me anyways and I’ve found I am sticking to it with ease. The first few days are the hardest, but the experts say that you can actually mess up 2 times in 7 days and you will still be on track!

Please keep in mind I have been consistently working out and actively trying to lose weight for over 8 months now, so this app and intermittent fasting are not the keys to how I’ve shaped up my body.


adventure awaits

Intermittent fasting, front view, day 1 on the left and day 14 on the right


adventure awaits

Intermittent fasting, side view, day 1 on the left and day 14 on the right


That’s this week’s blog guys! I hope you feel inspired in your health journey to give one or both of these a shot! Please feel free to reach out and share your thoughts or experiences with either!