WOW have I taken way too long of a break from blogging and boy does it feel good to be back! My first blog since October and it’s still crazy to me how much can change in just a few short months.

Let’s get down to it – the most important change going on in my life right now… I no longer live in Serbia. AS of late November 2020, my husband and I moved back to California, my home state in the USA.

adventure awaits

Leaving our apartment in Serbia for the last time at 2 am!

The whole move was such a whirlwind and we ended up packing up our lives and moving across the world (with a dog) in only four days. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad about it. Leaving Serbia was such an abrupt decision due to the coronavirus pandemic and it still feels like we’ll be returning in February, as we originally planned.

Fortunately for us, my husband has family there so a lot of the belongings I couldn’t fit this time to bring back, we have stored at their house and I’ll retrieve at the next available opportunity.

The worst part were the goodbyes, or lack of I should say. The few days prior to leaving it was like we were in The Matrix. Everyone we knew started getting COVID and of course, if we got it, we wouldn’t have been able to fly… meaning it’d be our FOURTH flight we’d have to reschedule and work out. That being said, we didn’t get to say goodbye to any of our friends except two. The morning of we didn’t get to hug his family, only hold hands briefly, wearing masks, and saying bye with our eyes. It was extremely emotional and makes me excited for when we’ll be able to go back again and rectify the sadness with some good hugs.

So if I got to the US in November, why didn’t I write until now, in late January? Ohmygoodness well the list goes on! Nenad and I have been getting everything together to apply for his visa, we’ve been celebrating the holidays of course, we bought a car, have been busy with the DMV trying to sort out the paperwork, I changed my name with Social Security, then the DMV, then my bank, and next for my passport… We both are no longer at our Serbian jobs of course so we’ve been on the job hunt, my brother and sister-in-law were in town, and oh yeah – did I mention yet the whole reason we moved back in the first place? My sister was pregnant with my first nephew and since our arrival, I recently became an Auntie!

I became an Aunt!

As you can see, there was a lot going on in a short amount of time and while it’s kept me occupied, I’ve sure missed writing out my thoughts and feelings and sharing here. I’m definitely going to do a blog on bringing my dog into the US and also on my husband’s Permanent Resident Visa application… because I’ve tried to find all information in one place and have not done so successfully – hoping to provide both of those for someone else!