A lot of Balkan music has grown on me and listening to music to learn a language is highly recommended and something that I’ve tried to do both in Spain and now in Serbia.

Traditional Serbian music really has me confused. I mean genuinely I just do not understand it. When Nenad and I are at a wedding I just watch the dance floor and try to see what beat they’re dancing to because I am just not hearing it and I wouldn’t consider myself to be musically tone-deaf in any way. Maybe I’m not a musician but I can sure hear the beat and apparently no one here cares about that because it is nonexistent. When I try to find some examples to share it’s the craziest thing because I can’t find a single one! Maybe it’s just special music reserved for weddings but I swear on it, it does exist.

One of my favorite Balkan artists, and one that’s extremely popular and modern here at the moment, is Senidah. Her music is more of a western-style and the words aren’t so mushed together that I can’t understand what she’s saying (which is a huge reason I like certain songs over others). Nenad and I tried to translate a few of her songs to help me learn and we quickly came to the realization that her lyrics technically make no sense but her songs sound great. Here are some of my favorites: Bez Tebe, Mišići, and Slađana.

Another artist I like, and one of my favorite songs currently, is by Nina Badric and it’s called, “Dani i Godine“. The music video has me thinking it’s from 2002 but actually it’s only a few years old, just produced like it’s fresh out of the 2000s. I know all the lyrics and it’s one of those songs that is the perfect tempo for me to sing along to and pronounce all the words in full.

Just like in America, Serbia has stars that are considered trash but for some reason also extremely popular! One of the most heard of would be Jelena Karleusa. I can’t even pretend I don’t look at her Instagram regularly. She is so interesting and over the top to me that I’m so curious about her! To be fair I don’t care for her music, but I have my favorite verse by her and it’s a song she’s featured in named, “Marihuana“. She kind of reminds me of a Serbian Nicki Minaj actually. She also once accused Kim Kardashian of stealing her style so if you’re into that sort of gossip, she’s your gal.

Although I enjoy the more modern music I’m also extremely fond of some of their older classics. Oliver Dragojevic is an artist that has just beautiful romantic-sounding songs. He reminds me of Nenad’s father because a few of my favorites are also his dad’s favorites. Those include the #1 on my list Cesarica, and others like Moj Lipe Anđele and Trag U Beskraju. There is something so soothing about his songs and they feel very romantic to me. Every time I hear them it’s like you want to get up and slow dance next to candlelight lol. A girl can dream okay!!

This blog is a short one but that’s pretty much it folks! I don’t think anyone has time to spend hours listening to my favorite Balkan songs but if you want to check out a few, just click on the linked words above. If you’re interested in my Balkan music playlist, I’ll link my Spotify too!