If you ask me Paris is one of the most enchanting cities in the world. If you don’t ask me, well, I’ll probably still tell you at some point.

I had so many “firsts” while I was there. My first time eating Creme Brûlée, escargot, my first eclair, macaroon, I mean the list goes on!

But the food is only one of the many things that make Paris, France so magical. If you take an unmapped stroll you will be sure to run into the most beautiful art show or possibly a ridiculously famous basilica. Paris lets the mind wander where the heart wants to go.

Upon one of my many strolls, with no destination in mind, I came across a petite pastry shop tucked into the corner of a little alley street on Rue Ravignan, called Pâtisserie Gilles Marchal. It was the most wonderful little pastry shop with some of the most decadent pastries I’ve ever seen.

My friend and I ordered an eclair before heading outside to sit on a little bench. Little did we know we were about to taste a little piece of heaven. With so much flavor bursting in the first seconds in your mouth it is hard to contain yourself from going back and ordering three more! Although I remember it being a little more expensive than I would usually spend, I would do it all over again. 100% totally worth it.

If they’re not famous yet, they will be. This little hole in the wall pastry shop will be my first stop every time I return to Paris, France.