I strongly believe it takes a certain kind of person to move countries. I don’t think just anyone could do it. I don’t think America gives enough credit to the people who are willing to risk it all – to give up everything they’ve known and move to a different country in order to better their lives. It’s a shame we don’t see that for what we could.

I’ve always felt stronger than most. I’ve always felt like I was born to lead. I’ve always felt so much pressure on my shoulders to set a good example for those around me. It’s hard to be setting good examples when you feel like your mind and heart are being crushed every morning when you wake up and every night when you’re going to sleep.

Homesickness can do that to you. The strongest person in the world can’t evade it. It’s completely inevitable. But it’s the people who stick it out that will find out the strength they hold inside of them.

My homesickness hit me the second month I moved to Spain in October of 2016. My peers weren’t feeling it yet, so I felt extra alone. No one understood why I was so sad! It hit the majority of them in the third month, November, around the holiday season.

So not only was I coping with homesickness, but I was also going through it alone. I had to figure out for myself what would make me happy, both physically and mentally. I’ve never been much of a shopper, but let me tell you, I was spending hundreds of euros weekly on clothes I did not need. To this day I don’t understand why that helped me cope, but it did, and that was all I cared about.

I remember calling my mom to confess my addiction. She told me, “Sweetheart, if that’s what’s making you feel good and that’s helping you get through this part of your trip, then what’s a few extra additions to your wardrobe huh?!” I love that woman for that. My dad still does not know and never will. I promise he wouldn’t feel the same!

I think I was luckier than most in that my homesickness lasted no more than 14 days. Most stories I hear it lasts about a mont, if not more. How’d I get over it so quickly? I told myself to get over it. I told myself that I only have X amount of days left to experience living abroad and I was not going to waste anymore. When I set my mind to something, nothing will get in my way. Like I said, going abroad takes a certain kind of person. Do you have what it takes?