After traveling internationally for a total of 25 hours, I got home and unpacked, slept about 5 hours, then woke up exhausted and went to work. Why is it that all you do on a plane is sit, yet you’re somehow ready to pass out for the next three days?!

When Nenad and I were heading to California from Serbia I felt pretty prepared for that 13 hour flight but boy was I wrong. I guess I was a little rusty not having flown that long in a year because I forgot some pretty crucial things… However the trip back was a different story. The flight was great, we were far more comfortable, far more prepared, and far happier when it was over!



Okay I have been actively traveling for about three years now so tell me how I just found out that you can bring your own food into the airport?! I guess I always thought that since water was banned, food was too. That is WRONG people. Pack all your favorite snacks and bring them on the plane with you! This truly saved my life on our flight home … I don’t eat fish okay and by the time the flight attendant got to my row they were out of the chicken meal and only had codfish left (yuck). THANK GOODNESS my genius mother helped Nenad and I pack two burritos, apples, and some dried figs. I really think I would have been uncomfortably hungry had I not my own munchies to tide me over.



Some people say these don’t work (cough, Nenad) but I disagree. Of course it depends why you’re taking them, what you’re taking, etc, but for me I really have learned that taking vitamins three days prior to traveling and three days after has really helped my recovery time! Ideally I would take AirBorne gummies (three a day each day) but that didn’t work out so I opted for Emergen-C Vitamin C packets. They’re not meant to give you superpowers people but they boost your immune system and help prevent getting sick from all the dirty germs that you encounter while traveling. When people start coughing on the plane I physically cringe. That recirculating dirty air just gets me every time I cannot stand it.



Honestly this one is kind of whatever floats your boat but I hate neck pillows. I find them extremely uncomfortable and my big head just continually falls down the side so it’s not in my packed carry on. However, on my most recent flight home, Nenad and I bought these travel pillows from Amazon that allow you to sleep face forward (bye bye neck cramps). I honestly have a massive head and it fit me great so I highly recommend! It’s great for buses, trains, cars, any sort of travel really.



If you can’t get the good, strong stuff from a pharmacy, then Benadryl is the way to go! I just tried this for the first time on my last flight and honestly it’s the best thing I’ve ever taken for sleep. I have tried hard core sleeping pills before and you’re supposed to sleep 4-6 hours with that, but I only slept 3 so it was rather disappointing. If you can’t find Benadryl in your country, then whatever is a medicine that will make you drowsy will work! I took 2 Benadryls after my first meal and I passed out for the next 7 hours. I didn’t sleep constantly per say, but when I did wake up it was for about 10 seconds to re-position. I mean honestly, I was knocked out and it was amazing.



I don’t know if I just have a bad back or something but I really cannot sit for any extended period of time without some sort of back support. Usually on long international flights they give you a crappy pillow and blanket but honestly it does the job! I put the pillow behind my lower back and use the blanket to cushion my bottom so I’m not sitting on such a hard seat. This has made a huge difference for me in not needing to get up so much to stretch my legs or relieve my back pain.



It depends what you like to use on a plane but for me the only charger I really need is my phone! If you’re like myself with an Android (by choice Apple users), then you’ll want to make sure your charger has a USB cord on the other side of it. My Google Pixel 2XL doesn’t come with that sort of charger so I had to buy it separately, but it’s worth knowing you’ll have access to whatever you need.



This is pretty much a no brainer if you’ve flown at least once but I still know some people who have never flown before and they’re in their twenties! All airlines give you headphones but they’re generally extremely uncomfortable, hard to keep in, or have bad sound quality. I was lucky enough to get wireless Sony noise-cancelling headphones for Christmas, so when I closed my eyes I honestly forgot I was on a plane… I couldn’t hear a thing.



Whether it be Spotify playlists or Netflix items, you’ll want to have your own options available to you. Turkish Airlines had a surprising amount of decent, and new, movies. However, the music options, horrible. When I’m going to sleep on a plane, I like to put on my Melodies playlist with the noise cancelling headphones and it’s as if you were in a relaxation center, not a plane.


Although it’s not much, you really don’t need too much on a flight and I feel like often I over pack for all the “just in case” ideas in my head. A good example of that is a book. Have I ever read on a flight? No. Do I pack a “just in case” book every single time or maybe even two… yes. I also pack feminine products even if I’m no where near my cycle, about 8 chap sticks because I have no idea why, a small pillow even though I know they’ll give me one, and a bunch of other ridiculous things that just make my backpack unnecessarily heavy.