I did it. I quit social media for the last 30 days! There was just this one night where I was home alone and I found myself on social media watching random videos, from makeup, to science, shopping hauls, cooking – I mean I was all over the board. Before I knew it my boyfriend came home and I asked him why he was home so early? After I checked the time I realized he wasn’t… almost three hours had passed in a matter of what felt like 20 minutes. It was then that I decided I’m done with the Internet taking my precious time from me! It felt so gross to be so unproductive, especially when I had things I could have been doing! We’re so ‘busy’ all the time as humans and yet when we have the time to get stuff done we choose to do nothing. I am taking back control over my free time from the Internet I’m enslaved to – I am quitting.


Bye bye YouTube!

YouTube has been officially deleted off my phone. At first it wouldn’t let me delete the application because it’s programmed into my Google Pixel 2, but you can go into your Settings and disable the app, blocking it from showing on your phone or running on it.


Snapchat notifications are now off.

I use Snapchat only for communication in group chats with my family members and three best friends. Of course that’s important to me, so rather than deleting the app I have shut off the notifications so I don’t find myself stopping what I’m doing to immediately check and see what’s going on. My plan is to check it once in the evening before bed and maybe when I first wake up because of the time difference with them back in California.


Instagram – goodbye you beautiful devil.

Instagram is like YouTube for me in the sense that I don’t actually check my feed, but I do go on the explore page for an indefinite amount of time. I don’t see what my actual friends are up to but I consistently check on strangers that I don’t actually care about … social media makes ya twisted.


Facebook, the OG.

Really, nothing is changing here. I never use it except to promote new posts and items on my website, which I’ll still be doing!



It’s been one week exactly since I started my little purge and I am so shocked by the changes in my life already happening.

  • I’ve now written the next 4 blogs and have them scheduled to be posted.
  • I’ve been doing my Serbian lessons DAILY – trust me, this is huge for me.
  • Nenad and I have prepped our meals for work 5/6 days.
  • I feel so much happier and less irritable and it’s showing in my relationship.
  • I’m not criticizing myself so much about my weight (probably because I’m not seeing my ‘goal body’ every single day).
  • I’ve read two books!

I want to add the gym back into my routine and I think I feel pretty good about where I’m at!



  • I added News applications to my phone instead of the social media and got a subscription for unlimited access!
  • Still reading and now I am starting to notice that I am falling asleep so much quicker every night, which has been a big problem for me.
  • Another 2 blogs in the books.
  • Back in the gym baby!
  • Starting to meal prep for work to save money and eat better!



  • Meal prepped for work EVERY day this week!
  • Reading my third book in my free time.
  • Finished my online Serbian lessons and waiting to start my classes.
  • Planning my summer vacation.

It was about this time that I found myself being drawn back in to social media, but in a new way. I decided I’m over sharing certain aspects of my life with ‘old acquaintances’ aka strangers to me. All the images I want to share with my family and close friends I send to them via WhatsApp so there’s really no need for me to have such personal info on my social media platforms. The Instagram purge happened! I deleted all personal photos, untagged all those close to me, left only the travel photos, and linked it to my website.



  • I’m only on Instagram to post some travel photos and then I get off it, but sometimes I find myself exploring for 5 minutes before I snap out of it and close it out! It’s been so fun to share all these images I have but have always been concerned about being ‘annoying’ or ‘posting too much’ or any of those other silly things we worry about when we’re too absorbed by social media. Now I just care about sharing what I want to share, since I post it and move on!
  • Finished another book!
  • Still in the gym, consistently, 4 days a week.
  • Studying Serbian 30 minutes a day, every day.
  • Still meal prepping daily and not ‘running out of time’ to do so – no excuses!
  • I read the news daily. (You can customize to receive the content you want. I’m bothered when people say “I don’t read the news it’s too depressing/upsetting/political/etc”. I have a feed tailored to things that I care about – technology, business, health, things like those. It doesn’t have to be all things you dislike.)
  • Took a weekend trip to Timisoara, Romania!
  • Started my Serbian classes, 1.5 hours, 3 days a week.


Basically I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to my old sharing habits. At this point in time, I don’t think so, but people change and habits change and so many variables come into play. I don’t miss YouTube and when I looked up specific videos to watch I’d see all the recommended and almost laugh at myself… Why did I spend so much time watching other people live their lives instead of living my own? I often forget I have Snapchat and don’t even check it once a day anymore, which I feel like is a win. Facebook, nothing changed, as I mentioned in the beginning. I just use it to post on my page for my website.

All in all, I just feel like I’m more optimistic about my future and my goals for myself. I’m making plans for where I want to get my Masters Degree, where I want to be at my next place of employment, where I want to be financially this year, and all of these important things that we so often put on hold because we’re too focused on everyone but ourselves. The amount of times I tried this sort of purge unsuccessfully is too many to count. I just really got to a point where I was serious about it and I felt like it was seriously affecting me and my happiness level more than it should.

I’ve developed far healthier habits in such a short amount of time that I can’t imagine going back to the old ones where I really was wasting so much time in my day, every day. I like the changes that I’ve made in my life and the effect that they’ve had on my happiness. There are so many times I’d complain and think about being unhappy but do nothing to fix it. You really want to change your life? You really want to be happier? You want healthier habits and better relationships? Get off your phone and start living your life the way that you WANT to!