I really just need a humble brag for myself right about now! How many of us feel like we’re not successful? Who besides me is constantly feeling like they could be doing better, they should be doing better. I constantly look at others that I admire and wonder why I’m not doing as good as them… I’m smart, I feel pretty, I’m competent, why am I not making far more money or in a higher position, why am I not in line to be on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list? Especially during this time of quarantine as we’re sitting around trying to find ways to be productive – it can be discouraging.

I’m finding as the weeks continue to pass in quarantine (day 14 for Nenad and I) that I either have days where I’m pleased with my level of productivity or I wonder what the helk I did with the 12+ hours in my day. Of course we’re all our own worst critics, but honestly why shouldn’t we be? Why shouldn’t I strive for more, push myself to my limits, expect the best out of myself each and every day? I’m a big believer in that and I think it’s a big reason that I have those moments where I sit down, smile, and think to myself, “look at you girlfriend, you go.”

I only write when I’m feeling inspired and the reason all of this stirred up inside me is because I was watching a video on YouTube about the Nordic countries, who have been ranked among the happiest in the world for the past few years now – specifically Denmark, Finland, and Norway. They’re neither the richest, nor the poorest, they’re actually pretty average. “How can people so average be happy?” I asked myself. I ended up telling Nenad what was on my mind and we discussed for quite some time, leaving me feeling like this horrible mindset that I’m in where I’m constantly bringing myself down has got to change! Thank goodness for those who love us.

So here is a humble brag for myself about what I’ve done to be successful in my life! I wrote it down and looked it over and ya know what? I feel like I have a quite impressive list and if YOU wrote your successes down, you probably do too.

1. I’m learning my third language and living in my third country at just 22 years old.

2. I got a well paying job in my desired field within a month of arriving to Serbia and two of graduating college.

3. I studied abroad in Spain at 19, leaving my parent’s house for the first time to go across the world by myself.

4. I’ve now traveled to 11 countries and over 45+ cities within them (Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, United Kingdom).

5. I live in a beautiful apartment with Nenad, my partner of 3.5 years, and our puppy.

6. Nenad and I can afford our lifestyle without stress.

7. I’ve made friends from all over Europe and also fantastic business connections.

8. Although I was afraid to move I had the courage to do it, not once, but twice.

9. I’m planning to be engaged with the best partner in the world.

10. I haven’t decided what country I’m moving to next, I’m open to going where my life takes me!

11. I have enough money saved up to move back to America and get myself started should I choose.

12. I honestly have the greatest group of friends/support system I could ever want and if you don’t feel like that about your friends, get yourself some new friends!

Do I need to continue and try to prove my success to myself or anyone else? No. Will I? Probably.

Do I have to meet a certain number in order for it to be true? Of course not. Will I always feel like I could be doing more? Probably.

There is nothing about my life that would be giving me or anyone else a red flag. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to at this point in time and I’m setting myself up for an even brighter future in the process! While wanting more can be extremely beneficial… go ahead and HYPE YOURSELF UP PEOPLE. It can be so depressing to live your life vicariously through someone else. Where is the growth in that? Where is the motivation to stay inspired, hungry, ambitious, hard working, and all these other great traits that come with living a life with purpose!

All of this to encourage myself and at least one reader to think about all we’re doing that makes us successful men and woman! It’s so important in a world full of internet facades that we teach ourselves and encourage those close to us to stop with the constant comparison and instead. If you don’t think you’re doing enough and you KNOW you could be at a better place in life than you are, then do it!

I have never believed in settling. However, if you’re pushing yourself towards unrealistic thoughts and dreams when you know it’s not your time, or you have got it going on, you know that you are happy in your life right now… take a deep breath, friend. We’re doing just fine.