We all battle fears that keep us from something, mine was from adventure. Fears are one of those things that we all have and I strongly dislike when people say they’re scared of nothing. That is such a ridiculous statement. I don’t understand how someone could even say it with confidence! You are outright lying to others and to yourself if you honestly do think that.

Being scared is a totally natural feeling. In fact, Psychology Today says that “many fears are built-in and [that] they protect us.” That being said, no one can tell me they don’t have fears.

I was terrified of leaving for Spain. Don’t get me wrong, I was very excited, but come on now, I’m moving across the world away from my family and friends to a country where I don’t speak the language and a city where I know absolutely no one. PHEW, that was a mouthful. Bottom line… it was scary.

To be completely honest I almost missed my opportunity. There was a point in time where I wasn’t going to finish my application. I almost let my fears get the best of me. I started thinking of all the things and people that I would miss while I was gone and that was enough to hinder my faith in myself and my own abilities. But, after some self-reflecting, I realized that if I didn’t finish my application I would never know if I was accepted or not into the program. I knew that I would have time to make my decision in the months to come.

So I pushed through and I got it done. I turned in the application and waited longingly for the letter in the mail that determined my future. It finally came and to my parent’s dismay and my joy, I was accepted (Side note: I’m totally kidding my parents are and were so proud of my acceptance and decision to go).

At that point in time, I think the fear was forgotten. I put no extra thought into if I was going to leave or not – I knew the answer was yes. But then it happened…. the day inched closer and closer and time flew in the blink of an eye. I had a countdown for my departure date and I just remember it seemed like it went from 120 days to three in a split second. By the time this happened, I already paid for the year and if you know me you know that once that money is down nothing will hold me back from seeing it put to use! I went to the airport, got on an airplane and left the country I call home.

Upon my return to America, I was able to go to multiple different study abroad fairs put on by my university, Sacramento State. I was able to take my feelings and my experiences and use them to help others making the decision to take their own leap of faith into the unknown. When you truly get talking to someone with similar interests you find that you’re not as different as you might feel. We all have similar fears, questions, worries, excitements, and dreams.

The best way to battle your fears is to talk to someone who’s already battled theirs. When you come out of your shell into a world of vulnerability you find life to be much more manageable, at least I did. Leaning on those around you not only creates connections but it creates peace inside yourself knowing that you’re not alone. It sounds cheesy but cheesy sayings were created for a reason and I’ve found a lot of them to be true. I know I’ll stick by it.

Are you thinking about studying abroad, leaving home, traveling more or just have random questions about my adventures? Ask me! I’m here to help.