Long-distance is one thing, but a long-distance relationship and coming from two distinctly different cultures, that’s another battle in itself.

I have a lot of people ask me about making it work with long distance. The truth is I don’t make anything work. It works by itself! That’s the beautiful thing about my relationship with Nenad. The effort is minimal and the love is maximum.

Let’s take it back to the beginning. Nenad and I met while we were both studying abroad in Jaén, Spain for the 2016-17 school year. It sounds cheesy to say, but I don’t necessarily believe in coincidences. We were destined to be together. I had the worst week of my life, to this day, and Nenad’s friend invited me over to their flat (apartment) for a little get together. He promised to make me laugh or I was allowed to leave. I asked one of my go-to party girlfriends to come with me and we headed out for a night of pointlessness, or so I thought.

Nenad said when I walked into the room and he saw me again he knew that this was it. That he wasn’t going to let the night get away without sweeping me off my feet. He’s a romantic and I’m a total sucker for the story every time he tells it. Well, Nenad is very much like myself, what he wants, he gets. So it was from that night we were together and the rest has been history!

My parents always told me a relationship should be easy when you first start out. Of course, problems will come eventually, but if it’s difficult in the beginning it won’t get better, it’ll get worse. I think that’s something that truly showed me Nenad was the man for me. From the night we hit it off, it was nothing but easy. To be quite honest, it still is. We have the least complicated relationship out of anyone I know, and we should probably have the most complicated. There’s something about him that makes distance so simple.

He loves me better than I ever dreamed of being loved. He pushes me harder than I ever knew I needed. He challenges me so much I could kill him and kiss him at the same time. Nenad is nothing but a constant source of support, confidence, unfailing love, and unfiltered humor. He just gets me. We just work. My life changed the night I met him, and I’ll never be the same.

6,161 miles between us… will we make it? I’ll be damned if we don’t.